Solving Elementor’s Mobile View White Space Dilemma: A Comprehensive Guide

In the realm of web development, Elementor has emerged as a powerful tool, enabling users to create visually captivating websites with ease. However, ensuring a flawless mobile viewing experience remains a persistent challenge. This guide is dedicated to addressing a recurring problem encountered by many Elementor users—the occurrence of disruptive white space in the mobile view. This issue often stems from the platform’s page width calculations and elements that lack responsiveness.

Understanding the Predicament: To comprehend the root cause of white space appearing in Elementor’s mobile view, let’s delve into the complexities. The issue is often triggered by stretched elements and non-responsive components. These elements, when improperly configured, disrupt the fluidity of the mobile view, leading to unexpected and unsightly white spaces. Such occurrences significantly impact user experience, detracting from the overall website quality and professionalism.

Resolving the White Space Issue:

  1. Recommended Approach: To tackle the white space issue meticulously, start by duplicating the affected page. Gradually remove sections until the white space vanishes, pinpointing the problematic segment. Within Elementor’s settings, disable the “Stretch Section” feature and ensure flexibility in the width settings for both the section and its underlying elements. Thoroughly inspect the mobile responsive view within the editor to verify a seamless presentation.
  2. Quick Workaround: If immediate resolution is required, manipulate the “Overflow” setting in Elementor under the problematic section causing the white space. Setting “Overflow” to Hidden can conceal the source of the issue. However, if this quick fix falls short, proceed to the next recommended solution.
  3. Last Resort: For persistent white space issues on specific pages, implementing targeted custom CSS becomes necessary. By accessing the page settings within Elementor and adding custom CSS within the Advanced tab, users can tailor solutions to address the problematic areas causing white space.

In conclusion, the importance of addressing white space issues within Elementor’s mobile view cannot be overstated. A seamless mobile browsing experience is pivotal for user engagement and satisfaction. By implementing the recommended methods and leveraging custom CSS solutions, users can ensure a visually consistent and user-friendly mobile browsing encounter for their audience.